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Edge of Darkness

A life's journey with depression

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down, depressed, sad, unhappy, upset
In response to my most recent bout of depression, some of you suggested that I take up a new hobby. Well, I was watching Good Morning America the other day and they had a very interesting story on bees. Apparently, one can start beekeeping as a hobby for less than about $200. After about the first year, free honey!

But for me, it isn't the honey, it's the idea of working with these fascinating insects. Unlike many people, I understand the contributions that bees make to the ecology and, while I have a healthy respect for them, I have no innate fear of bees. And they are truly fascinating to watch as they diligently go about their work.

Has anyone here had any experience with bee keeping? If so, can you offer some advice about getting started and how to avoid Colony Collapse Disorder or other diseases?

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yay! that sounds like a fascinating idea!

sorry, no help in the bee-keeping department (stinging insects of any type tend to cause me to go into a panic attack) but i'd suggest possibly finding a yahoo group as well for more information on it!

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